Taycan Maintenance Schedule

Taycan Maintenance Schedule

Masterful construction.
Masterful maintenance.

Porsche stands for exceptional performance straight from the factory. However, durability can’t be guaranteed through excellence in production alone – but also through the knowledge of how to maintain the vehicles.
Proper maintenance and expert inspection at Porsche Centre Adelaide will help to safeguard your driving pleasure in the long term.

Annual Check-up (every 15,000 km or 12 months, whichever comes first).

Our Certified Porsche Technicians will check your Taycan’s system operation, adjust fluid levels, check tyre wear and tyre pressure as well as your airconditioning system.

Full Inspection (every 30,000 km or 24 months, whichever comes first).

During the bi-annual inspection, a Certified PorscheTechnician will check the general condition of your car.
This includes among other things replacing the particle filter, a visual inspection of axle joints, tie rod joints, steering gear, and drive shafts as well as additional maintenance such as replacing the tyre sealant and brake fluid.

An ownership experience to match the driving experience.
The Taycan Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan.

The Taycan PSMP is designed to provide total peace of mind with all scheduled maintenance services covered at no additional cost during the term of the PSMP1.
It is available with an option to choose a period of coverage of three, four or five years and therefore able to be tailored to most vehicle finance terms.

​For further details refer to the Taycan PSMP brochure. 

Taycan PSMP brochure

Taycan Table

 1 The PSMP covers the cost of parts, labour and fluids as required for the scheduled maintenance services as specified in the table above. All scheduled maintenance services must be carried out by an Official Porsche
Centre. *Whichever comes first from the Warranty Start Date (as set out in the PSMP Certificate which will be provided to you on purchase of your PSMP). ^The RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is the price which
the manufacturer recommends as the maximum price to be charged for the PSMP. Pricing is current as at the date of publication (September 2020) and may be changed at any time. Please ask your Service Advisor for the most current pricing.


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